The story of Pippa Smith Studio

Pippa Smith is a London based, self-taught artist whose energetic still life paintings are characterised by bold and playful colours, and aim to transport the viewer to the warmth and serenity of the Mediterranean. 

With a fresh take on the traditional artistic genre of the still-life, her works are vibrant and expressive, with a focus predominantly on seafood and the pleasure of the kitchen table as well as the beauty of traditional Mediterranean ceramics.

They are a joyful celebration of her Hispanic heritage, the simple pleasure taken from good, honest food, and of course her Abuela's excellent cooking. 

Having studied History of Art at Edinburgh University, Pippa went on to work in a contemporary gallery as a dealer, but it was the lockdown of 2020 where her true passion for painting flourished and her unique artistic language was born. Now based in London, Pippa continues to create quirky and contemporary works fit for any house, whether a villa in the Med or a country cottage in the Cotswolds.


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